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Is collaborative housing for you?

People gravitate to collaborative housing for a whole range of different reasons. Some are mostly driven by pragmatics, like wanting to save money or live in better quality housing, while others also want something that aligns with their values and lifestyles.


The door is open


While collaborative housing won’t appeal to everyone, it isn’t exclusive to a particular group or type of person. In fact, projects that mix generations and other demographic characteristics are often the most vibrant. Collaborative housing can suit large or small groups, in urban or regional locations. What it looks like and how it is set up is entirely up to each group.


It's probably a good fit for you if:  

  • You want to live within a supportive, connected community, whether it’s a few households or a much larger group.

  • You like the idea of pooling resources to get more from less, whether it’s sharing a little or a lot.

  • You want to live in close proximity to friends or family

  • You enjoy participating in the design and ongoing management of the place you live

Find your fit

There are collaborative housing projects to fit a range of different needs.


What does the research say?

As population demographics and the composition of households changes, so do our housing needs, making collaborative housing an increasingly relevant option. Households are getting smaller, our population is ageing and family structures are changing. This calls for a new approach to housing.

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What does the research say?
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