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Common questions

Collaborative housing is a relatively new movement, and so most people are unfamiliar with how it works. There are also some misconceptions about what it is and who it’s for and what makes it different. Here are some answers to common questions people ask when they first hear about it.

  • I want to afford to buy a new home
    You’re in the right place! There’s evidence that collaborative housing projects can cost 15-30% less than comparable ‘conventional’ housing in the same area. Explore how ownership and financing works, and view examples of different models. Then choose your approach.
  • I want to buy with friends
    You could consider buying into a small blocktogether or, for larger groups, joining a building group or cooperatives. Look at the ownership and financing approaches that can make this possible, and consider the legalities.
  • I want an affordable rental home
    Look at the opportunities provided by cooperatives and see some examples. You may also consider renting from family or friends on a small block. Some new generation boarding houses are also designed and managed in accordance with collaborative housing principles.
  • I want to stay in my own home as I age
    If you have a home on a reasonably sized block, you might want to explore the option of converting it to accommodate friends or family. Live in separate homes, but share space - and company - in a way that suits your group’s preferences.
  • I want to live with family across generations
    There are different collaborative housing models that support this, from a few homes sharing a block or adjacent blocks, to much larger developments where you can live intergenerationally within a larger community.
  • I'm looking for a new kind of retirement living option​
    You’re not alone! Collaborative housing is a perfect model for retirees looking for innovative and affordable options that allow them to live independently, but closely connected to friends, family and/or a broader community. ​
  • I want to be part of a connected community
    This is a big part of the appeal of collaborative housing – the chance to be part of a connected, supportive community. Along with this comes the ability to share skills, pool resources, help each other out and enjoy each other’s company. There are models that suit all types of communities, large and small, and tools to help ensure everyone gets along.
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