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This web guide to collaborative housing was developed by the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology Sydney. The project was funded by a Liveable Communities Grant from the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, with additional funding support from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.


Research team and authors, Institute for Sustainable Futures

Professor Chris Riedy

Caitlin McGee

Dr Matthew Daly

Laura Wynne

Dr Emilia de la Sienra

Web design

Information Architect, Erika Whillas

Web design, Danielle Pike, DJ Digital


Steering Group

Despina Karlsson, NSW Department of Family and Community Services

Frouke de Reuver, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, Sustainability Advantage Program

Kate Hopkins, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, Sustainable Households Team

Guy Luscome, The AGEncy Project

James Brown, Common Equity NSW Ltd

Lisa Wilson Whatley, Common Equity NSW Ltd


Advisory Group

Jason Kara, NSW Department of Family and Community Services.

Alicia Pozniak, Government Architect’s Office, NSW

Elena Pereyra, Cohousing Australia

Jason Twill, Urban Apostles

Keryn Curtis, The AGEncy Project and Benevolent Society

Jane Kern, Bank Australia

Cecille Weldon, Weldonco

Janet Chappell, Landcom

Karn Nelson, The Whiddon Group

Muriel Dalmasso, The Whiddon Group

Cameron Tonkinwise, Professor, School of Design, Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, UTS

Connie Comber, Positive Steps

Barbara Squires, Barbara Squires Consulting

Joanne Dunkerley, Newcastle City Council


The authors have used all due care and skill to ensure the material on this website is accurate as at the date of release, however, the University of Technology Sydney and the authors do not accept any responsibility for any losses that may arise by anyone relying upon its contents.


June, 2019

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